Libya Cease-Fire Raises Hopes of Full Peace Deal

The two main factions in years of civil war that have drawn in Russia, Turkey and other regional powers signed an accord at the United Nations in Geneva.

GENEVA — Libya’s two main warring factions agreed to a cease-fire on Friday, raising hopes for an end to years of bloody turmoil that have drawn in military forces from Russia, Turkey and other regional powers.

The two sides signed the agreement at the United Nations in Geneva at the end of a weeklong meeting of delegates from the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, which is based in the capital Tripoli, and the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Hifter and based in the country’s east.

The United Nations acting special envoy who was chairwoman of the talks, Stephanie Williams, described the accord as “a moment that will go down in history,” praising the courage, commitment and professionalism of the delegates in forging the deal. She said it also sets an exceptional example for Libyan politicians who now face the challenge of converting the cease-fire into a broader political settlement.

“God willing, it will be the key to peace and security in all Libya,” Col. Abu Ali Abushama, the head of the government delegation, said at the signing ceremony.

Source: The New York Times

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