Kosovo election: Exit poll gives victory to left-wing party Vetëvendosje

An exit poll in the Kosovan election gives clear victory to the anti-establishment party Vetevendosje

According to an exit poll the anti-corruption and anti-establishment party, Vetëvendosje, has won the election in Kosovo.

The left-wing party’s name translates as self-determination and is led by Albin Kurti who was ousted in previous elections in 2019 after only 51 days in office.

According to the poll, the party was on target to take 41.8 percent of the vote.

It looks like they could have won enough votes for an overall majority, which could leave Kurti in a position where he doesn’t have to seek allies.

The outgoing prime minister is Avdullah Hoti who leads the centre-right Democratic League of Kosovo, the LDK.

The poll had them well behind in third place with only just over 15 percent of votes.

Just above them in the polls on 16.5 percent were the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the PDK led by Enver Hoxhaj.

Kurti’s party has been boosted by his alliance with acting President Vjosa Osmani, the dynamic 38-year-old who recently joined his side after leaving the LDK.

The election comes after a year in which the coronavirus pandemic has deepened social and economic crises in the former Serbian province, which declared independence 13 years ago.

Already one of Europe’s poorest economies, Kosovo is now struggling through a pandemic-triggered downturn, with vaccinations yet to start for the population of 1.8 million.

Source: Euronews

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